Restoration of accounting and tax accounting

There is a situation in some organizations when primary documentation is fully or partially lost. Or everything may be all right with the documentation but the information database is lost.

Restoration of accounting and tax accounting is a labor-consuming and long process that can be divided into several stages. On the first stage the degree of neglect of accounting in the enterprise is detected by an audit or review of all documents and accounting programs. Further management of the company is provided with a full report on the state of accounting, which reflects all weaknesses, provides guidance on accounting. Cost of the recovery and the amount of future work are also mentioned in the report.

Then recovery program of the accounting is prepared. The program is agreed with the head of the company and in accordance with the approved program work on restoration of accounting of the enterprise immediately begins. This step is the most labor-consuming and long, involving not only executives, but also employees of the company, as well as leadership. Depending on the state of affairs in the company may be required a recovery of lost invoices, updating of already submitted reporting and tax additional payment, changes in the internal rules of the company, etc.At the final stage a company engaged in the restoration of the account, reports to the client on the work and renders restored statements.

Specialists of Group "Leader Consult" will carry out restoration accounting and tax accounting of your company. It should be noted that the restoration of accounting can be executed fully or partially. With full restoration all the documents of the organization are put in order, starting from the moment organization of the company. Partial restoration involves the creation of documentation for a certain period.