Group of Companies "Leader Consult" offers a wide range of accounting services in St. Petersburg which are associated with registration of documents and accounting

No matter if you've already made significant progress in the field of commerce, or just starting out your business, accounting services of highly skilled professionals are all you need. Experts of group of companies "Leader Consult " are ready to provide Help in counseling, keeping of income and compulsion, and preparation of declaration etc. The help allows to optimize the financial scheme of reference of business and ensures a long and successful operation of your company.

Our experts help you to normalize and significantly improve company's financial condition, and reduce costs by creating a favorable climate for a primary business. Even if for some reason Your accounting has been in poor condition for a long time or nobody has just conducted it, you are able to revive it in a short time with the help of our staff.

Full list of services:

  1. Accounting services
    • Book-keeping
    • Accounting
    • Tax Accounting
    • Preparation and submission of reports
    • Selected accounting functions
  2. Analysis of financial and economic activity of the enterprise
  3. Verification of financial and economic activity of the enterprise
  4. Restoration of accounting
  5. Personnel Records and Payroll
    • Individual record keeping
    • 2-PIT
    • Calculation of wages and vacation pay
    • Reimbursement of benefits
  6. Declaration 3-PIT
  7. Additional services and consultation
    • Advising on accounting and taxation
    • Preparation of accounting policies
    • Statement of accounting and taxation on the basis of the program "1C Accounting 8.2 "(at a time)
    • Reconciliation of Taxes and Duties
    • Opening and closing of current accounts
    • Unlocking of current accounts
    • Formation of primary documents (invoice, tax invoice, certificate, etc.) of standard, non-standard forms
    • Reconciliation of payments to contractors
    • Courier services