On-line reporting

Step by step instructions for ordering the service On-line statements:

  1. Fill in the required reporting form (all fields are mandatory)
  2. Send us the completed form. Our experts will inspect it and contact you for further details as soon as possible.
  3. The payment is made (only after a call of our experts).

The cost for this service for sending by yourself to all instances is:

(*at conclusion of the contract for the annual accounting support DISCOUNT 50% of the total quarterly amount is provided)

If you do not want to run on numerous instances, to stand in long queues, which consumes precious time, we take these worries to ourselves.

We offer you 3 options of submitting your reports (Social Insurance Fund, Pension fund, Inter-District Office of the Federal Tax Service):

  1. By post - 500 rubles
  2. Courier - 1000 rubles
  3. Through electronic communication channels - 1000 rubles


Pay zero reporting, you can use the following ways:

1. Payment order

If you open a bank account, you can transfer money for services to our bank account. For this you need to tell our experts your mailbox or fax number to which the bill will be sent. We immediately send reportings after your payment or a copy of the payment order marked by the bank are received.

2. By Cash in our office

This way is the most useful if you are going to take the reportings not by yourself, because in case if we deliver the reporting by mail, courier or electronic communication channels, we need your signature on all declarations and your stamp, as well as to conclude a contract for the provision of accounting services. The advantage of the way is that you get advice on taxation for further proper work.

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