HR Administration Services and Payroll

HR Administration is a separate and very responsible function of any enterprise.

It includes keeping and clearance of:

  • Employment contracts
  • Personal cards of employees
  • Orders for the movement of employees
  • Employment history books
  • Personnel files

Preparing of organizational documents, such as organizational charts, regulations and instructions are also a part of HR administration.

All of this documentation must be kept in the enterprise, in order to avoid further problems with labor and tax inspectors. Personnel records are very closely related to accounting payroll.

Specialists of Group of companies "Leader Consult" execute:

  • Payroll
  • Accrued bonus, compensation
  • Calculation of payments for sick leave and vocations
  • Calculation of payroll taxes
  • Preparing reports to the funds and the tax office

This service can be ordered as part of an integrated service or separately. Its cost entirely depends on the number of employees.

Individual record keeping

In accordance with the Federal Law "On Individual (Personalized) record keeping in the scheme of obligatory pension insurance" each employee of organization who works on labor contract or civil works and services contract, and from whose income contributions to the obligatory pension insurance are paid, the company is obliged to provide information at the end of calendar year (from 2011 - quarterly). These data are individual for each individual accounting employee.

For submitting reports to the Pension Fund not a long term is provided.

If your organization is employing foreign citizens, in accordance with Federal Law "On Obligatory Pension Insurance in the Russian Federation" they are also a subject to personified account in the Pension Fund of the RF and must register themselves in the office of the pension fund at the place of their residence. Therefore, it is necessary to submit reports on these citizens.

Individual personalized registration extends to sole proprietors, who pay insurance premiums as fixed payments. If a sole proprietor has employees, he/she must provide the accounting for the workers and separately on his/her own.

If the information on the personalized registration in the Pension Fund is not provided there is a penalty, the amount of which is 5% of the amount of insurance contributions. The amount is assessed to be paid in the last three months of the reporting (accounting) period for each whole or incomplete month from the day established for its submission, but not more than 30 percent of mentioned amount and not less than 1 000 Rub.

Services Group "Leader Consult" on the preparation and submission of reports on personified account to the Pension Fund

Individual personalized account can take a lot of accountant's time. After all, it is necessary not only to prepare the accounts, but also to submit it. So, he/she has to stand in line.

Group of companies "Leader Consult" offers to shift responsibility for preparation and submission of information on personalized accounting to the Pension Fund on our specialists. Thus, you not only save time, but also decline the responsibility.


2-PIT reference reflects information on amounts of income and withhold amounts of tax of an individual. All organizations and sole proprietors who make payments in favor of individual persons under civil law and employment agreements are required to submit to the tax authority information in the form 2-PIT at the end of calendar year. In accordance with the terms established by law, 2-PIT reference must be submitted no later than April 1.

2-PIT reference contains information on Employer (name of company or organization assigned to TIN and RRC, National All Russian Classifier of Administrative Territorial Entities code, as well as legal address, phone, name of director and chief accountant of the enterprise). Standard information about an individual person is also indicted in the reference (name, TIN, identity document number, date of birth and address of residence). Accrued income of an individual person is shown for each month, and the code of earned income is put. Amounts of tax deductions (standard, property, professional) provided to an individual person are also indicated in 2-PIT reference These deductions are provided with the obligatory indication deduction code and the amount of income tax withheld from an individual person per calendar year. In the case, for each employee of the enterprise a separate certificate is filled, and then the registry is compiled.

Employee of the enterprise may also require 2-PIT reference - It is not always possible to buy an expensive item without the help of the bank, and the bank needs proof of income. There are different ways of taking this confirmation by different banks. Some of them confirm the income on forms, of which are set by the bank, and some need 2-PIT reference.

2-PIT reference forming services

Group of companies "Leader Consult" offers organizations and sole proprietor 2-PIT reference forming services. Using our offer, you save yourself from hard work on completing each reference and decline all responsibility. In addition, you no longer have to keep track of changes in the legislation in sizes of tax deductions and to worry about the timely submission of reports on personal income tax. The cost of our services depends on the number of employees of the enterprise, details on whose payments and withholdings are required to be submitted.

Payroll and vacation

Accounting service carries out payroll at the enterprise. In Accordance to the Labour Code, accounting is obliged to carry out payroll not less than twice a month, on the days set by employment or collective agreement, by the rules of labor regulations, applicable in the enterprise.

A specialized department carries out payroll in large enterprises, whereas in small enterprises that function is taken by a payroll accountant. If there is only one accountant in the enterprise, he/she carries out payroll and he/she also carries out vacation pay and benefits.

However, a growing number of small, medium and large businesses prefer to delegate these functions to third-party specialist company. This is because the CEOs gradually beginning to understand that the services of independent companies are more profitable enterprise and more reliable. The second reason lies in the discrepancy of the cost of supply and demand of an accountant. After all, even a payroll accountant overstates the value of his/her services, not to mention chief accountant. And to find a good accountant is not so easy.

In addition, when a function of payroll accounting is outsourced, it is easier for the company to provide confidentiality of salary for each employee, especially when we are talking about the Senior executives salary.

Payroll services

Group of companies "Leader Consult" offers its payroll services to enterprises of all forms of property and sole proprietors. Signing the contract with our company, you will be able to preserve the confidentiality of the employment agreement for each employee, as well as to shift the risk of an incorrect charge on our company. If the authorities find a failure in our calculations, our company will pay all interest and penalties.

Compensation of benefits

In accordance with the Federal Law "On Obligatory Social Insurance in case of temporary disability and in case of motherhood" Employer has to pay employee benefits for temporary disability, maternity leave, child care. Whereas, the employer making the payment of benefits in favor of the employee, reduce the amount of assessed contributions to the Social Insurance Fund in the amount of benefits paid. If the size is less than assessed contributions benefits are paid to cover the difference and require more than one month to reduce the amount of assessed contributions, the organization can make reimbursement of the payment of benefits.

For reimbursement of benefits to the Social Insurance Fund at the place of registration of organization the following documents are submitted:

  • An application for compensation benefits for temporary disability, maternity or child care. The statement is written in any form, while it is required to specify information about employer (name and address of the organization or passport data, name and place of residence of sole proprietor) and the registration number of the employer in the Social Insurance Fund and the amount required to be refunded;
  • The calculation of premiums (Form 4- SIF RF) for the period in which accrued benefits, confirming charges expenses;
  • Copies of documents confirming the validity of the payment of benefits.

Social Insurance Fund carries out compensation of benefits within 10 calendar days from the the submission of an application for reimbursement of organization. However, if enterprise repeatedly received large sums from the SIF for compensation of temporary disability benefits, and the like, the social fund insurance may proceed to verify the validity and correctness of the expenses of the organization on the benefits before allocation of funds. And only after results of the inspection it makes a decision on the payment of compensation or refusal to refund.

Thus, reimbursement of benefits is a complicated matter, requiring specific knowledge, the collection of all necessary documents and their preparation.

Our service for compensation benefits

Group of companies "Leader Consult" offers its service for compensation benefits for enterprises and sole proprietors. Specialists of our company prepare all the necessary documents for reimbursement and submit them to the SIF. In case of failure they appeal the decision of the SIF territorial office at the SIF RF or go to court.