Additional services and advice

Enterprises and sole proprietors may require additional services of our company, such as: making-out a zero balance, making urgent report, reconciliation of accounts with the tax inspection, replacement of an accountant, who had left on vocations. Consultations are required by novice accountants, who may have difficulties in decision of any matter or in preparing a report and balance sheet, by accountants and managers of enterprises in controversial or complex situations that require independent qualified assessment or advice. In all these cases, specialists of Group of Companies "Leader Consult" apply all of their professional knowledge and experience and provide qualified solutions to your problems.

Group "Leader Consult" offers the following additional services:

  • Advising on accounting and taxation
  • Preparation of accounting policies
  • Statement of accounting and taxation on the basis of the program "1C Accounting 8.2 "(at a time)
  • Reconciliation of Taxes and Duties
  • Opening and closing of current accounts
  • Unlocking of current accounts
  • Formation of primary documents (invoice, tax invoice, certificate, etc.) of standard, non-standard forms
  • Reconciliation of payments to contractors
  • Courier services