Accounting Service

Accounting Services serve organizations and sole proprietors. They are an optimum range of services for a company which grows fast or optimizes its costs. Accounting Service is the perfect solution for Your business. It is economical and convenient.


Improving the efficiency of financial services, the development of policies and methodology of accounting, monitoring the movement of assets and commitments as well as ensuring compliance of business activities with the legislation in power - all these are the responsibility of the Chief Accountant.

Quality performance of these functions is possible only in case of attraction of highly qualified professional with extensive experience. Finding the right professional can require considerable time and material costs.

Group of companies "Leader Consult" offers Chief Accountant function for the internal finance services of a client.

Accounting services (Chief Accountant Function in the company) of legal entities

Formation of accounting policy


Cost is formed individually for each client and it depends on document organization, activities, cycles per period

Control of the correct processing of the primary documents


Control of transactions of financial and economic activities in accounting and taxation accounts


Control of keeping of  all areas of accounting and taxation


Preparation and submission of reports to all external authority

Social Insurance Fund

Pension Fund

Tax Inspectorate


As part of a comprehensive accounting services specialists of group of companies "Leader Consult" provide accounting and taxation operations from A to Z.


Primary documents handling

The cost is also calculated individually for each client, it depends on number of documents handled, number of employees, working in the state of a company, type of activity of the organization

salary calculation, personnel

management of all areas of accounting

reconciliation of payments to contractors

purchase  journal

sales  journal

Business cash

formation and submission of tax returns

formation and submission of financial statements

the formation and submission of Statement for an Insuarence premium-1 to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

Individual record-keeping

formation and submission of payments to Social Insurance Fund

keeping of bank-client of an organization

other services related to the accounting and tax accounting

Tax Accounting

The tax account is associated with all acts of accountant which are linked to taxation (registration of received invoices, allocation of VAT, keeping of income and consumption journals, etc.), as well as systematization of data on the basis of primary documents required to establish the tax base, the formation of tax returns and timely submission to the relevant authorities. Keeping tax Accounting is provided by tax laws and it can be expensive for the proprietor to disregard these responsibilities.

Tax accounting of income and consumption

Tax accounting of income and consumption let to determine the tax base for profits. Tax accounting of income and consumption can be carried out in different ways. It depends on the enterprise system of taxation, as well as on established order of conducting accounting in the enterprise. However STS taxpayers - organizations and sole popeitors are required to keep tax accounting of income and consumption in a special journal The Ministry of Finance states the form and procedure of filling the journal.

Tax accounting services

Tax accounting is a type of services provided by our company. The need for competent approach to the definition of taxable base, completing tax returns, timely submission and timely payment of all taxes are the reason, why this service is very popular among companies of all types of property and SP, who also need tax accounting.

Entrusting tax accounting professionals, corporate executives and sole proprietors rid themselves of probable serious errors which inflict financial costs.

Preparation and submission of reports

Preparation and submission of tax and accounting is one of the most important challenges faced by each company or sole proprietor.The current legislation of the Russian Federation provides the need for the preparation and submission of reports to any organization or sole proprietor. Contents, timing and order of submission depend on the type of activity of the company, applicable tax system, number of employees and other factors. Laws are constantly changing, and therefore conditions of accounting submission change.

Preparation and submission of tax returns for the reporting period are carried out

List of submitted reporting depends on the tax system, used in the organization. e.g.

For the simplified system of taxation:

For the general system of taxation:

Additional reports may be submitted in the en of a year.

Timely and competent submission of tax reporting is the key of success and development of any organization. All applicable regulations and legal aspects must be considered When preparing financial statements and record keeping at the enterprise. In addition, preparing of financial statements and tax returns must be carried out by qualified specialists. All of this requires constant observation of changes in legislation regarding the reporting forms and terms of submission.

There is another solution - contact our company.

Entrust the preparation and submission of reports to the specialists of our company, and you no longer have to worry about anything. Group of companies "Leader Consult "assumes full responsibility for the preparation and submission of reports of your company.

Selected accounting functions

Group of Companies "Leader Consult" provides full range of random accounting and tax accounting functions on behalf of a client at its own office or at a client's, for example: